Do You Have Angst?: Geekiness I'm looking forward to in 2012 (Part One)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Geekiness I'm looking forward to in 2012 (Part One)

I'm really excited about a lot of nerdy goodness coming our way this year.  Since I'm being forced to be patient, I figured the least I could do is share this torture that I call waiting.

Game of Thrones - (April 1st) My wife and I are always looking for a new series, and in spite of everyone's best advice we pulled a Battlestar Galactica, waiting until it was over before we started watching.  Unlike Battlestar, this time we didn't wait until the end of the series.  Wow, Game of Thrones is truly TV at its best and I'm looking forward to the second season.  This is one of the few shows I've watched where I have yet to say "oh, I saw that coming".

Avengers – (Release May 4th) Yeeeeaaaah baby!  Avengers is every Whedonesque comic book fanboy’s dream come true.  I simply can't wait for this movie.  Whedon has the ability to actually balance character development, humor, and thoughtful reflection into a tight, action-packed story with more than one character (see Serenity).  The way Marvel has built this up, tying in the Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor movies together is genius and gives Whedon a lot of solid background to build on.  This one is definitely going to be a midnight viewing!

A Memory of Light: Wheel of Time #14 by Brandon Sanderson – (June according to Wikipedia) I fell in love with the first Wheel of Time book, but by book five I came to realize that this series may never end (a slight exaggeration) so I had to set it aside.  I'm the slowest reader in the world, and my reading time is also my writing time, so I have to be selective - but this series is worth it and I look forward to reading it in its entirety now that there is going to be a final installment. 

Diablo III -  (1st Quarter-ish) I never played I or II, but after a brief flirtation with Torchlight I'd like to give Diablo III a shot for upcoming LAN parties.  I'm loving Star Wars TOR right now, but am more than a little burned out on the MMORPG thing.  I like the games Blizzard produces (recovering WoW addict), so this may be a good alternative.

10" Kindle Fire – (speculation is some time this year) This hasn't been announced officially, but if the rumors are true it is on my want list.  If it doesn't happen (and doesn't have bluetooth for a keyboard, ahem) I may have to pony up for an iPad.  In spite of all the bitching I see around the internets about how terrible the first Kindle Fire is, mine does everything I expected it to do.  My wife and my kids have all used it, and sometimes I get to as well.  $200 not wasted.

Angst 2: Buried in Angst - (good question) Where the heck is this book!!!  lol  I know, I know.  I have to include this because I'm really excited to share my 2nd fantasy novel.  While I can't say it is going to be better than the original, I do think it is bigger in scope.  I'm continuing to grow the world, the magic, and the characters.  The chapters are packed full of Angsty goodness, it'll be worth the wait.

Hey, I'm not done yet!  I'll post the 2nd half after the weekend.  Until then, I'd love to know what you are looking forward to this year!?


  1. Hah. I have to agree with you about the Wheel of Time series. I'm starting to re-read the books now (when I can) since the last book is finally coming out.

  2. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Take a look at my blog for more details.

  3. @Anna - now to find the time to read it ;) @Chris Thank you! That's very thoughtful!