Do You Have Angst?: Book 4 Cover Reveal: Burning With Angst

Friday, December 2, 2016

Book 4 Cover Reveal: Burning With Angst

I'm so excited to share this amazing wrap-around book cover by Alessandro Brunelli! Not only did he do an incredible job, he has the rare gift of turning my crappy sketches and vague ideas into art. My sincere thanks to Alessandro for his great work!

We left the blurb off so you can see more of the image. You can find the blurb below:

Just A Midlife Crisis?

Three months after the attack on Princess Victoria, Angst learns that his friends are still missing, and his wife is kicking him out. If that’s not enough, the war between elements has taken its toll on Ehrde, and now, a war between nations seems inevitable. Fortunately, there are only two elements remaining. Unfortunately, they have combined forces to destroy Angst and everyone he loves. It seems Angst's midlife crisis may be anything but simple.

None of this was in the hero rulebook he never got, but Angst has a plan! It’s not a very good plan—actually, it’s a really bad plan, but with help from some unexpected allies, he sets out to find his friends, save Unsel, and return home before his wife leaves him forever. What could possibly go wrong?

Burning with Angst is the fourth fantasy novel in David J. Pedersen’s Angst series. Join Angst and his friends as they continue…

A Midlife Crisis in Medieval Times

Finally, a special thanks to my wife, Angie, for all of her help formatting the cover!

Be sure to stop by next week for links to pre-order your copy of Burning With Angst!

12/9    Pre-ordering available
12/16  Burning With Angst Official Release Date

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