Do You Have Angst?: Worldcon Post Two: Let's have some fun!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Worldcon Post Two: Let's have some fun!

I couldn’t be more excited about the fact that Kansas City is hosting Worldcon 74 (aka MidAmeriCon2)! Even better, it’s is only a week away! I received some great feedback from my last post on Facebook. Some of it made me apprehensive, some was very encouraging, and all comments were welcoming. That last part is my favorite. My goals remain in tact, have fun with friends, make new friends, and share my story!

I’ll have copies of my story at booth 27 in the dealer hall - stop by and you can:

  • Pick up a copy of Angst for only $10 at the con!
  • Sign up for my newsletter for a chance to win a T-Shirt!
  • Meet my muses on Saturday- it’s a great photo opp!
  • Snag a free poster of my gorgeous muses with every purchase!
  • Pre-purchase the 4th Angst novel - “Burning with Angst”!
  • Take a picture the giant sword, Chryslaenor, from the Angst novels!

We are planning to have a great time, and I hope you will join us!

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