Do You Have Angst?: We have winners!

Monday, February 3, 2014

We have winners!

My sincere thank you for all of the shoutouts helping me promote Angst and my contest over the last several weeks. Below you will find a list of everyone who will be receiving a T-Shirt. In addition, I'll be sending out copies of Angst and Buried in Angst to two people below.

Paige Cowling
Susan Lee Burton
Mary Lowery
Paul Martin
Karen Y Bynum
Jim Arrowood
Candi Doss Lutjen
Cheri Holt
Jacci Bradley
Rick Drescher

I need your address and your shirt size for a standard mens t-shirt. Please message me on Twitter or Facebook, or email me at angst(dot)novels at . Thanks again, and if you want to be informed of more contests, I have a newsletter specifically for contests and book release news - feel free to sign up here .

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