Do You Have Angst?: Angst Cover Art Project

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Angst Cover Art Project

I had fun today meeting with my friend Allie (@angst_fan) and Eric Dilday to look over cover sketches he put together for Angst.  Eric shared a few roughed out concepts for review.  I've seen some of his detailed work, and it's amazing!  These pics taken with my iphone on a table, don't do justice to these drawings or his finished work, but they are fun to see.

This very first one of Angst nailed the size of Chryslaenor, and I love the cape (I want, both, a cape and the sword).  He's a little too muscular, not pudgy enough, and Allie requested the hilt to be a little less Thor like.

This second drawing was Eric's favorite.  The hilt looks a lot more accurate, and the rose (which would be marble of course) is a nice addition.

This is closer to what the cover may end up being.  Angst, Rose, and Chryslaenor with a castle in the background.  Eric is going to make Angst the same height as Rose, change up her wardrobe a little, give her daggers, and place the castle further away.

I find it fascinating to see an artists concept of the characters, the sword, and the world of Ehrde.  We'll meet again in a week to view a revised version of the sketch with Rose and Angst, and I'll be sure to share the progress.  Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas, I'd love to read everyone's thoughts.


  1. Man, that's a big effing sword!

  2. I only was able to read the chapters that were posted soon as I get a job the first thing I'm doing is buying your book! :-)
    But...the top drawing wasn't how I pictured Angst, so I'm glad you said he needs work :-)
    I do like the rose in the second drawing...would it be too much for him to be holding it loosely, maybe with an almost open hand, in the first drawing? In the hand that's down?

    And Angie's right...that's a big ass sword!

    In the end you gotta go with what speaks to you, because these are your characters and this is yoru're the only one who knows what's right :-) It's your world...we're just readin in it ;-)
    So excited for you!!